Dorien Hoeve
Acrylic on canvas (60 x 80 cm)
Currently in exposition. Available for sale after June 2024 (Price: 600 euro). 


The painting was made during a church service at the ‘Schuilplaats‘ in Ede on February 11th. The central theme was growth. Growth starts with surrender.

Spring is a season when flower bulbs start to germinate. The first shoots of new plants become visible above the ground. However, before the first shoots can be seen, a whole process has already taken place. The flower bulb has formed roots underground and the young shoot is drilling its way upwards as it grows. The flower bulb uses the energy stored in the flower bulb for this purpose. It takes energy for the flower to grow.

People grow in a similar way. Growth begins with kneeling before God. It requires surrendering to God. Trust that God knows the way and the outcome. Surrendering yourself to God can be painful and difficult, because it requires letting go of old patterns. Moreover, the beautiful flower we are looking forward to is not yet visible. It is a process to grow. Everything has its own time. This painting invites you to trust God and surrender to Him.

Please contact me if you are interested in a printed copy of this painting.

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